There are two options to emulate dos.

1) Install Microsoft's Virtual PC (free) to emulate XP and Vista.


  Start Bimotion.bat from the cmd dos prompt.
  (Type cmd in the Start;Run -menu to run cmd)



2) Install DOSBOX

Free dos emulator that works with most platforms.

To run the program in Windows, this method is recommended:
Find the configuration file "dosbox-0.74.conf" (in case you installed
version 0.74) either by using the 'Find' command in Windows or from
the Start menu:
Program ; DOSBox-0.74 ; Options ; DOSBox-0.74 Options
The config file dosbox-0.74.conf opens.

At the bottom of the configuration file you find these rows:

   # Lines in this section will be run at startup.
   # You can put your MOUNT lines here

Type in this after the lines above:

   MOUNT D C:\Users\...\Intake\
   Engine Intake.bas

but change C:\Users\...\Intake\ to the path where you installed the intake program files.

The intake program will now start when you start DOSBox.


If you can't find the cofiguration file by any reason, this will work to start the program, but is not very user friendly:

2a) In DOSBox you must mount the path to the program as D:\ by typing
MOUNT D C:\Programs\Bimotion_Intake\
if that is the path to the intake program files you used.

2b) Go to the Bimotion directory by typing
D: or
  cd C:\Programs\Bimotion_Intake\
in this case.
    Start the program interpreter by typing
KEY OFF to remove the help keys
    Press F3 (
"LOAD) and type Intake.bas
    System responds an "
    Press F2 or type

Next time you only need step 2b)


Instructions about how to mount the program path in Mac or Linux is found at