ver 4.8.2
Further dxf compability improvements for exhaust pipe drawing export.

ver 4.8.1
The exhaust pipe DXF drawing format was modified to support more cad programs as some cad programs could not read the exported files.  

ver 4.8.0
In the Development Plot sheet, options buttons were added for the plot window to fine adjust the plot length or height independently.

ver 4.7.9
The sheet thickness input box in the print window for pipe did not allow decimal input, this was corrected.

ver 4.7.8
Bug fixes, win8 support improved.

ver 4.7.7
Some bugs have been corrected in dxf plot and Development Plot page.
Excel does not export the development plot print out correct in terms of length/height ratio. A correct ratio as seen on the screen is not exported to printer. The fix is to measure the print out ratio and use the 'Change chart length/height ratio' option for correction.

ver 4.7.6
Some minor improvements.

ver 4.7.5
Some minor improvements in Development Plot.
Bug fixes for Excel 2010.

ver 4.7.4
A bug fix: 2 'Paste' buttons didn't work properly in the exhaust port pages.

ver 4.7.3
A fix was made with the translation file and import routine.
Some fixes with Page window appearance.

ver 4.7.2
Small adjustments of language support function.
Program code adjusted for 64bit compability.

ver 4.7.1
New Features:
The print function has been expanded to dxf cad drawing output for exhaust pipes. Full size drawing, hydro form template and cones development. The dxf format can be used by sheet metal cutting machines or printed to paper templates.

Language file can be imported to change all text in the program including comments, buttons, user forms etc.

Several smaller improvements have been added.

ver 4.6.5
Some bugs were detected, affected functionality dependent on entered data. The 'Port height' in Exhaust Port #1 and #2 did not change deg ATDC and Duration in 'Port Design Guide'. It did not affect other calculations than these 3 cells.

ver 4.6.4
Full screen was enabled in Toolbar screen when some cells were changed, fixed.
Chart Auto Range/Axis Range was not working perfect.
Flashing screen at some occasions has been reduced.
A bug: red cell comment indicators was hidden.
A bug: cell R35 in Port Mapping 2 was static.

Two checkbox settings were added in 'About...' page:
- Display page tabs in Full Screen Mode
- Maximize/Minimize window in 'Screen' mode.

ver 4.6.3
A button added for Screen selection. The Screen button must be
toggled off to access other desktop windows.

ver 4.6.2
New compilation with full screen view. Sheet tabs were removed and
grouped under a pop up window, accessed by Pages button. Zoom slider added on all pages.

ver 4.6.1
Exhaust auxiliary port area calculation was corrected from a bug.
The previous versions underestimated the port area, this was  especially affecting dual ports.
Various smaller improvements/visual changes made.