At Bimotion, our mission is since 1991 to develop user friendly commercial grade two stroke software, at an affordable cost for amateurs and professionals alike. Our programs have a long history of successful track results.

Why you should buy Bimotion :

-  unique, modern, user friendly and in depth programs
-  very fast and efficient design tool
-  educational with embedded recommendations
-  covers from small scooter 50cc to big bore race 500cc
-  lifetime license
-  updated on a regular basis
-  free updates and support during first 4 years.
-  portable, non-hardware dedicated
-  4 new years of maintenance and support can be bought at
    any time at 25% of current new price. If you lost the
    program or want to update after 4 years then you do not
    need to buy it again at full price.

While two stroke cycle and pulse dependency knowledge are advantageous, this knowledge is helpful but not mandatory. The novice can learn through experimentation and by testing different combination and designs in the program.

The Bimotion program contains a host of recommendations and values which can be used for varying degrees and levels of tuning.

Individual prices are found at the bottom of each page from the menu.

Additional 2-stroke theory and Bimotion unique analysis can be found in the "Theory" menu.
Thank you for choosing Bimotion.