Very thanks! Your software is fantastic. The stock engine peaks 16,6hp and 1,76 kgfm. My mod engine peaks 24,71whp and 2,81 kgfm. By suitable just the cilynder head to the stock one the power lower to 19whp and 1,96 kgfm. The squish requires less ignition time. By the way, on stock head we can listen knock in mid range. That mod cilynder head is just the first I done, I'm very excited to work more on this.

These are but a few pics of some of the machines that I use your software on.  I have set multiple records and have won many championships, and have had really great experiences with your software!!
Thank you for a great Two Stroke tuning set of tools.
Tim Bond

Thank you for the follow-up, here's photo's of our team at the Grand Prix de France this year!
Denis Baron

Hi, I haven't used the program for some time, but this version is more advanced than every program I used.
Thumbs up.
Many thanks,

Hello, please mail me the cylinder head update.
again i must say, thank you for the wonderful programs you offer.
What more can a 2-stroke freak wish for a lot of fun!

Hi, my old-timer bike runs with two different engines, the reed valve type shown on picture and the rotary valve engine. Both are build up with BIMOTION software and they run and run and.... I do my best as mechanic and there are no problems with these engines, so I'm happy to be one of the best in the 125ccm class, with only 80ccm!!
I'm looking forward to the next season, next year on Suzuki RG80, my new project.
- Bastian Stöckner
  WHZ Racing Team


Dear Sirs,
thank you very much for this great two-stroke-engine development tool. It is the best tool I ever seen.
I built up a MZ250 and started at
thundersprint.com, the engine runs great!
- Joerg

A very nice piece of work indeed.
What else can I say .... nowadays I am totally consumed with the 
(4-stroke) activities that you see at
I still work on two-stroke engines though and some years ago embarked 
on a 2stENGINE software program much like you show but I never 
completely finished it.
Good luck with your work. The two-stroke ain't dead yet, not by a long chalk.
- Prof. G.P. Blair

your Programs are super real and have helped me very much.
What do you think about the results in the programs?
Yours sincerely from Germany.
- Ronny Schefler

I work on a 350 rd yamaha (1976) I will run this bike next year in old motorcycle french championship.
Thank for your products, it will be very helpful !
 - Michel Zentkowski

I just used your program on a small cc engine today and it was right on the money. great job.
- Brent

Just love your software !
- Steve Jalak

Thank you for the updates.
I've enjoyed working with these programs.
I will use this to design a set of pipes for a 500cc V4 engine.
Every 2 stroke enthusiast should have these programs !
- Steve Murphree

Thanks again !
I all ready used the program and I know now much more then before.
Your program gave me a AHA effect about that subject.
Thanks again
- Markus

By the way - I think your program is brilliant!!......I am new to tuning
trokes - but have a reasonable level of engineering capability.

The program already giving me some interesting results now I have port angles sorted.
My Exhaust port looks ok, transfer will be ok - and could be improved with a boost = Blow down not far off....BUT pipe is way off  - It tells me my pipe is probably the cause of my poor performance -or at least it is not matched to the porting work !
- Kim Morley

Wow - 117.8 HP in my car with two fat wheels and 6 wheel bearings must be equal to 120+ HP on a bike with only one more narrow wheel and only 2 wheel bearings!
As you can see the F/A (fuel/air ratio) is a bit lean so I should have even more HP!
Your happy friend,
Suzuki TR750 with McCann/Bimotion designed squish head
- John McCann

This program is an eye opener!
It really shows how easy it is to get it wrong doing things the old way.
- Arlan Lehman, LED Performance Engines

With both Tools we are very happy and have verified the advantages of pre-calculations several times on the Dyno.
- Torsten Jäger

I just played a bit with the export of dxf files: Oh my goodness, that
is such a huge help for me :-)
Thank you!
- Tim

Sir; You should get the Nobel Prize in Engineering
- John Tice

Just a few weeks ago I purchased your port/pipe and head program... And I'll be honest I've wanted to pull my hair out numerous times while playing around with the software. But I am truly amazed at how extensive the software is. I'm glad that I bought it and am excited every time I get to upload a new port layout. So far I've ported 2 snowmobile engines, a Kx 500, and a CR 500 from the software. I cannot wait till I get some feedback from my customers. Thank u so much for developing this software.
- Jesse

Thank you for the download link and the continuous support.
I really appreciate the software capabilities.
Olivier P.